The Reddit Hug of Death, Recent Press Coverage, and More

We haven't posted in a very long time, so here's a big update:
We've dedicated the last few months to fund raising. We're glad to announce that we just closed a $300.000 round with a private Business Angel, which will allow us to expand the team, speed up our development and kick everything up a notch ( and finally pay ourselves a little bit. Yay! ).
Last week, we unexpectedly hit the frontpage of Reddit's Fitness section, got published on Product Hunt by Fitocracy's CEO Brian Wang (thanks!), and were featured in a Business Insider article. All of this happening in the span of 16 hours.
The ensuing traffic brought us more than 10.000 visitors and 3.000 user registrations. Sadly, we would probably have had a lot more of these had we have not to kill our servers.

Basically, everything that could break, did. One after the other. It was an hectic day trying to keep our servers up, but in the end we had to give up and them offline for some heavy-duty maintenance.
To be fair, we weren't ready for this yet. These events took us by surprise and our small staging servers got downright drowned by the wave of traffic. Since then, we've patched everything up and migrated onto bigger, badder servers powered by Rackspace.

The 6 days downtime considerably hurt our traffic and our ranking but we're starting to pick up steam again: we got featured today on the French webzine Numerama and the Swiss daily 20 minutes, and our traffic is already back to growing at a great pace:

The interesting part is that 100% of our growth is organic. As far as we're concerned, we're still in stealthy beta, so we are not actively looking for new users ( but everybody is welcome! ).

So what's the plan now? Still the same as before:

  • Develop female and full-body support
  • Refine our algorithms
  • Develop the fitness & nutrition coach
  • Get the mobile apps out

Once all of this is done, in an estimated 6 to 9 months, Bodywhat will officially be out of beta.