Nearing Public Beta

Hey there,

Bodywhat has been in private beta for roughly two weeks, and it's given me just enough time to make sure the server will be able to sustain more than a dozen users at once.

In two weeks:

  • The server crashed 4 times.
  • A critical coding error in a cleanup function wiped the whole database on the second day (!)
  • We've had about fifteen beta testers try out the service. Most of them came from Reddit! Thanks guys :)
  • We've added in a few features, most importantly the walk-through-your-results tour and the bodyfat reprocessing option.
  • We published a few new celebrities' reports, including Dwayne "THE ROCK" Johnson, "The Muscle from Brussels" Jean Claude Van Damme and "The Stath" Jason Statham

Bodywhat is 100% ready to go public! But I'm delaying it a little bit until after New Year's eve. Releasing when people make their new year's resolutions feels like a good opportunity (isn't the time right after new year's eve when gym subscriptions spike the highest? Google Trends couldn't agree more).

Anyways, until then we need to bulk up a few pages such as the FAQ, come up with a readable TOS and a clear Privacy Policy (Max is working hard on those). I'll prolly be working on the frontpage as well.

Also, I've been thinking about creating a robot mascot for Bodywhat. One that would be there to tell you bluntly how fit, how fat or how sexy you look right in your report's results...

See you in a bit!