Facebook page & first Reddit post

I've made the first introductory post about Bodywhat a few hours ago on the /r/startups section of Reddit, which is a fairly small but cool subreddit.

You may read it at the following address.

We got great technical questions, feedback, and signups! As I'm writing this, out of 174 unique visitors from Reddit, 15 of them signed up for the service.

That seems like a high conversion rate, especially considering /r/startups isn't really Bodywhat's target audience and we that we don't support female users yet. But at the same time, people in this subreddit are mostly tech enthusiasts always willing to try out new apps. Peut-ĂȘtre que ceci explique cela.

I've started posting on our facebook page as well! I feel like this blog will rather act as a launch/technical diary, while we'll be posting fitness-related content on our facebook page and via our mailing list.

Update with final figures 2 days later:

  • 1217 unique visitors came from /r/startups. 91% were male.
  • 102 visitors registered an account.
  • 91 reports were created!