Back to stealth mode for a while

We've gathered a lot of stats and feedback from a pool of ~130 beta users and more than 1500 visitors, and they're just great. That's exactly what we were looking for to validate our plans and go ahead.

We're now looking to raise an angel funding round (late seed) and to join an accelerator either in Paris or London to speed things up. The plan is to remain in stealth mode until the mobile apps are done and everything is ready for the official launch.

Following the users' feedback, here are the things we implemented this week:

  • HTML5 webcam support: users can now use their webcam to directly take their picture.
  • An option to send your picture directly from your phone, to smooth the creation process: the picture transfer from phone to PC was a recurring pain point among users.
  • A dozen smaller changes here in there, including more detailed instructions for picture taking and a new body metric (the Basal Metabolic Rate, which is an important parameter when it comes to devising your nutrition plan).

We've also done quite a lot of work on the backend!

  • Bulletproofed the image & 3D processing server in reaction to the few crashes that occurred. The server is now fail-safe, self-rebootable, self-destructable, and soon to become skynet.
  • Did a big upgrade on the 3D engine: it's now lighter and faster, and runs on (some) mobile devices!

Next big piece of work ahead: Female users support. I'll be in my bunk, crunching C++ until it's done.